Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dark Clouds

Have you ever thought there was a dark cloud looming over you and your household? We have had more car problems in one month than in years. We have had our fridge break and had to wait 3 weeks to get a check for the new one ( thanks to our home warranty). For 2 weeks had no fridge, we were innovative with a cooler system. Thankfully our neighbors let us borrow their extra one.

All of these things have only been minor inconveniences. In actuality we are blessed with a family unit that can with stand such craziness. It hasn't been easy, but has forced us to be creative. We have also had to ask for help. That has never been my strong suit. Letting people see our weaknesses and receiving help is difficult for me.

I have awakened in the night for no apparent reason. I feel that God allowed me to wake up to pray. I have been praying a hedge of protection for my household ( and my neighbors too). I am sure through all this He is growing us to truly depend upon Him for everything.

I know that God is in control no matter how out of control I am. Isn't that a great thing?