Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr. Billy

Today was a bitter sweet day. it was the birthday of my oldest child Madison. It was also the viewing of our sweet Mr. Billy. Have you ever had a hug so sweet and special from a big, gentle man? If you could bring the cutest, cuddliest teddy bear to life it would have been Mr. Billy. Not only was he very loving, He was very giving. He totally lived out the Great Commission. Although retired, he did not pew sit, he served and encouraged others too as well. He was a visionary. What is so awesome about Mr. Billy was that he didn't just have a vision, He took action to see the vision come to fruition. That is motivation for me as a Christian, to do, not sit, to Serve, not be served, to dream, and not be held back by limitations. He loved my family and He and Miss Shirley ( his precious wife) showed us love that is so special and undeserving. There are many life lessons one can learn from observing his life.

My little baby Madison turns 12 today. He is a very fun loving young man Everyone who knows him is drawn in by his contagious personality. He has a special quality that makes others feel comfortable around him. He is a gifted athlete and has a big heart. Although he is growing older, he is still our precious little boy. It seems like yesterday Neal and I had accidentally locked ourselves in the backseat of our car with him while trying to bring him home from the hospital. I guess we should be very thankful that he has survived having us for parents. We love you Madison!!

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Workout of the Day- Today we did 30 minutes of Turbo, followed by about 10 minutes of dance and 20 minutes of treadmill or Elliptical. We alternated resistance between 5 and 10 every 2 minutes. We were all soaked. It was really good. We finished with a one minute sprint on a flat !! After that Bobbie and I worked out out rear delts and triceps ( with help from Chris ) !! I followed that up with a 15 minute tan. Chris introduced us to a protein shake we hadn't had before. Muscle Milk Chocolate Milk Light. It was very good !! I would recommend it to anyone.

Make your workout exciting and fun. Surround yourself with fun people to workout with. If you don't love it, don't do it. Don't make yourself suffer through something you don't enjoy. Ofcourse you could hire a trainer ( like me :) ) and I could keep you motivated !!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Workout of the Day !!

Today was so much fun at the gym. WE began out day with a half hour of ab exercises. This was quite interesting watching a fellow male trainer of mine suffer through abdominal cramping while trying to keep up. He was quite the trooper, along with new participants and my regulars yelling at me and calling me names. We followed that class with a 60 minute spin class which was fierce. We worked really hard and sweated ALOT !! I had to ride a jacked up bike with way too much tension, it was very challenging. We survived and will gather again Tuesday for a replay !!

Today's food for me has not been as clean as it needed to be. I had a protein bar for breakfast, turkey burger, no bun at home for lunch. Fat Free Popcorn for a snack, and a 100 calorie pack too !! See what I mean. Those little snacks can really screw up your plan. I need to eat more clean, make better choices. Today I was off the food wagon. Tomorrow is another day.

What if?

Thanks Valerie for helping me expand my horizons.

What if I could meet someone in the Art world to chat with , who would I choose?

I would choose Picasso. I would like to know his thoughts and feelings about his art works.

One wish for all mankind would be to find there DIVINE purpose in life and live it!

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Indonesia, to visit Paula and Wade.

If I could live in any other time period it would be the Civil War Era, of course I would want to be a Scarlett O'Hara.

If I could make over 3 areas of my body it would be thighs, hips, and knees !! Although I constantly work on these areas, they have a mind of their own!!

If I could be an animal for 24 hours I would want to be monkey. Not in captivity, but in the wild !!

IF I could bring someone to life for 24 hours it would be no one. I feel the pain of reintroducing them to their loved ones would be more than one should bare.

Hopefully you enjoyed this my friend!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Well, today I am turning 29 (again). Some of you might be like me, fighting the hands of time. Not only in the process of ageing but with my children. It seems like yesterday that I had little ones all over me who smelled like Johnson's Baby Lotion. Now they smell like well, you probably don't want to know.

I have really enjoyed my day thus far. My first B-day greeting was at 4:45 a.m. (thanks Cassie). I was meeting her for a workout at the gym. She wanted to be the first to wish me a Happy Birthday. She is very competitive and SHE WON!! She blessed with me with fun gifts too.

After returning from the gym, I was thrown into the role of super mom. I made the kids breakfast and lunches and got them dressed for school. MY husband Neal helped me too. He drove them to school while I entered phase 3 of the day (7:15 a.m.) I went to another gym and was blessed by gifts (Thanks Bobbie and Kim B) and Cards from many participants. I truly felt loved. You must understand, I've been prepping them for this day for over a week ! After a quick Wal-mart run, I was gifted with this blog sight from another friend (Thanks Valerie). While at her office my husband stopped in with beautiful Iris's for me ( my fav). WE then ate a wonderful high sodium, high msg meal of Chinese food ( Me , Val, and Bobbie) Bobbie did find out something very interesting today- her chinese astrological sign is a Cock !! We found that comical. That is it so far today. Ofcourse, I get to go get my precious cargo in a few minutes and start another phase of my exciting life (after a cup of coffee).