Monday, August 25, 2008

time for a change



I love fall. I am not sure if it is the crunch of the leaves, the crisp air, or the excitement of my favorite holidays but I love fall !! Candy Corn, Candy Apples, and Hearty soups. Indian corn, gourds, pumpkins, and more.  So I couldn't resist going ahead and decorating for fall.  I should say I have started, no outside decorations yet.  My neighborhood association may write me up for that one.  I took a few pics of a couple of my fall scapes.  Let me know if you have any fun fall decorating ideas. They can't use real fruit of vegetables due to our heat.  My first pic is of my year round tomato cage tree.  I change the decorations for each season.  My daughter decorated this one yesterday.PC190064

This  next one is my version of a pumpkin patch.  Still working on this one.  I need more variety of pumpkins.  PC190062

You can't really tell but the pumpkins are resting on a bed of lit fall leaves.  Closer to Halloween I will turn the pumpkins around to reveal their faces.  Then after Halloween I will add all my pilgrims and Horns of Plenty.  Did I mention I love fall ?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Football Jamboree


Today officially kicked off our oldest child's football season.  He play's for his middle school.  We are so proud of him.  He plays halfback on offense and rover(linebacker) on defense. During tonight's game he ran a lot of yards and contributed with blocks and hits.  He also got a two pt conversion.  I asked him if it felt good to hear his name over the PA system.  He just grinned and said it felt pretty good.  It is really neat to see the boys learning to play well together.  Wait, that sounded like I was referring to a play group.  Ya'll know what I mean. 

While at the game we were all crammed in on the side with the shade.  So we were sitting with our opponents.  My friend Karen, and my two little ones were with me.  Neal help coach so He was on the field.  We were all comfy when this large family comes and practically sits on Karen.  She politely scooted over to make room for this family.  They even brought a stroller in the football stands.  CROWDED !!!  Anyway, I asked the "gentleman" if he had connections with our team.  he did say his nephew went there but he couldn't remember his name.  He finally was able to think of his loved one's name.  While watching the game, he noticed they called the name of #3 Madison &^^^&*^^ and asked if that was a girl.  Well, I thought He was kidding, so I said,: No , that would be my son!!" and then I thumped him on the ear. Don't ask me how it happened, it was just the right thing to do.  Then with all my southern charm apologized, I told him that if you sit within reaching distance of me you never know what might happen.  He just laughed, shockingly he didn't think much about it.  But after getting reamed about not having my camera ready at the hospital, I was not about to let my little friend get by without taking his pic.  So Karen snapped it !!PC100054

Look how red his ear is, that is the one I thumped !!!  He he !!PC100056

He is gonna kill me for posting this, he wasn't camera ready.PC100055

Can you find him?


Here are the coaches playing around after the game.  One of these great guys is mine and one is Mimi Lorie's .

One pic I missed that was priceless was our team praying with the other team.  We always ask if they would like to pray together in a huddle on the field.  We are so blessed to have such Godly men teaching our young men.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Back

I have had quite a few exciting days.  It all begin with a trip to my local BK for gut smut. After gymnastics I drove through with the two little ones for what was supposed to be a quick meal.  The order was simple 2 cheeseburger kids meals, ketchup only , one fry, one onion ring, and 2 sprites.  Attempting to be more health conscience I ordered the apple fries ( no, they are fresh apple slices ) they are so cute and come in a little fry container with Carmel sauce that looks like a ketchup pack ( way to go marketing dept).  We got home and ate our food, I had my apple dippers, and 3 bites of Jackson's cheeseburger, two onion rings and threw the rest in the trash.  I sat down at the computer and all of the sudden had a burning sensation in my mouth , followed by a swollen lounge covered in prickly blisters.  I calmly went to the medicine cabinet and there was NO BENEDRYL .  Very calmly I went to my neighbors house to get some.  by the time I returned home , I felt a tightening in my skin, then numbness.  I went to the mirror and much to my shock I looked something like this,hitch 

Instead of the massive eye swelling I had massive jaw swelling so I was a cross with the guy in Mask.  My husband was at scrimmage game with out oldest son.  So her I am with 2 children and a pretty serious allergic reaction going on.  I started making calls and took action.  I took the kids to Miss Shirley's house ( out stand in grandma ) .  She had arranged for another friend from church Miss Linda Kay to drive my to the ER.  Well Miss Linda is a priss, she said it took her a long time because she couldn't find her pocketbook and passed the street twice.  I think she was putting on makeup.  She looked beautiful .  Then there was me, trying not to choke on my own saliva that had no where to go in my mouth with all the swelling.  Fortunately the benedryl kicked in and I am her to write about this adventure.  Upon arriving to the Big people ER ( I had never been there), I was greeted by medical staff who obviously thought I was a frequent user of the ER.  They offered no help as to what to do, and where to go.  It was obvious that I was an alien in this foreign land.  Apparently allergic reactions are top priority so I only weighted about 20 minutes before getting in a room.  That was just a trick though.  It was like another hour before the doc came in.  They did put in an IV incase I started to die or something. My friend Amber came up to the hospital to play with me and relieve Miss Linda so she could get her beauty sleep.  Amber and I were pretty much the only normal people there so the nursed seemed to enjoy our company.  And 2 benedryl to me is probably like 4 drinks to someone else,  I was a little more playful than usually.  They don't know what caused the reaction since I had a variety of foods.  They gave me steroids, more benedryl and pepcid ( it apparently is an anti inflammatory too).  I am also a proud owner of an epi pen now. 

My poor husband wanted to come to the hospital, but he did what I wanted which was pick up my kids and get them in bed like normal.  I would have been stressed knowing they weren't at home in their bed all safe and sound.  So for now, no more BK for me.  I go to the allergist in a few weeks.  I will update you on the outcome.  If you have any guesses feel free to share them.

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday


A day late and a dollar short

( the story of my life )P7260016 

Two of my boys doing bible study of Kids camp.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me To You

If you look closely you will notice my belt buckles.  They had interchangeable leather strips.  You would also carry the bag with the changeable covers and don't forget add a bead necklaces. ( I still have mine.)  

Does any one remember Popagalo ( sp) belts ? I think that is what they were called.80s 007

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

PB300038  PB300040

First Day of School 2008PB300041

Monday, August 4, 2008


Doghouse Cheer Center

Doghouse,Allstars, Red, Navy, White, Reaching for the Stars, Doghouse,Let's Fight !!


Those are the words to our teams cheer for competition.  For the past few days I have been consumed with Cheerleading Choreography Camp.  It has been a lot of fun and hard work.  The girls on our team range from 5 yrs to 9 yrs.  This makes for a very challenging way to teach all the girls.  They are really good at catching on.  Sometimes better than the the coaches ( speaking for myself ).  We have a professional choreographer from California who is working with us.  He is so funny.  The girls have had to adjust to his humor.  He is so creative and I am learning so much. Here are a few pictures from last years competition season.  This years first one is in October.cheer 2 cheer