Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me To You


What were we thinking?  The really sad thing is, my cousin Michele ( in mustard) and myself (in green) thought we looked too cute.  We had our cute hats on from the Limited.  Don't you just love my jumper and ruffled collar shirt.  I know there was a pair of black riding boots under that ankle length mess.   Michele probably had on some sort of stirrup pants and ankle boots with her ensemble.  The funny thing is the girl in the middle ( Paula )  is one of my best friends.  She was at the time a Cosmo covergirl.  She had come home for a visit and we were giving her a birthday party.  She is in a simple white tee and jeans.  As I look back it is so embarrassing what I wore to try to look good. An ill fitting jumper with boots and blouse were certainly not flattering.  They were on the other hand modest.  I am shocked that guys actually asked me out.  Paula was simple and beautiful.  She didn't try hard at all. That should be a lesson to us all, less is more.!!

80s 006

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The beheaded husband

Trashed Memories

Many years ago when I got engaged, my husband gave me a picnic basket full of gifts.  Each one represented something special.  He gave them to me in a particular order so that he wouldn't spoil the surprise.  One of the last gifPB220025 ts in the basket was an Austin sculpture of a Bride and groom.  We have kept it many years.  It even was a cake topper on our wedding.  ( Which didn't really matter since the cake lady dropped the cake while bringing it into the church.  Ofcourse she replaced with another one and we made do .)  So this sculpture has taken a special place in our bedroom since 1993. Today it made its way to the county landfill.  You see, sometime over the course of 3 busy children tragedy occurred.  The groom has been beheaded.  I do have to admit that I have found that to be very funny over the years.  The bride is still in intact while the groom lost his head.  I am reading a great book about organization by Peter Walsh.  He encourages you to get rid of the broken stuff.  The stuff doesn't have a memory , your brain holds the memory.  So today I took a pic .  This is on the DL so no word to hubby.  He inherited OCD to save like his mother.  I am doing this while He is at word.  The sculpture is hidden in the trash. It does feel good to know that our stuff we hold on to doesn't help us hold on to the memory, and it is less stuff to dust.!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Tag your it , here it goes...

A. attached or single? attached

B. best friend? girl- Don't have just one - boy-Neal

C. cake or pie? cake! Actually icing!!!

D. day of choice? Saturday

E. essential item? D.O.

F. favorite color? Don't have one

G. gummy bears or worms? I like ones of any variety

H. hometown? Montgomery AL

I. favorite indulgence? Massage

J. january or july? July, I love tans !!

K. kids? 2 . 6yr old boy, 8 yr old girl, 12 yr old MAN ( he thinks)

L. life isn't complete without? my family

M. marriage date? October 10th

N. number of brothers & sisters? one brother, older.

O. oranges or apples? both

P. phobias? losing teeth

Q. quotes?  

R. reasons to smile? too many to name

S. season of choice? Fall and spring.

T. tag five peeps! They';re at the bottom of the page.

U. unknown fact about me? I don't know how to ride a bike

V. vegetable? most all of them, yummo

W. worst habits? interrupting people

X. x-ray or ultrasound? ultrasounds are way more exciting.

Y. your favorite food? tiramisu

Z. zodiac sign? Pices

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Last of the First's

I don'tPB180016 know where the time has gone.  It seems like yesterday when we were brining our first baby home.  Then  before you know it you have 3 school aged kids who all play sports and keep you busy. 


For one of my baby shower gifts a friend ( Dentist wife), gave me a toothfairy  pillow with enough gold coins to give for each tooth ( 26 ?)  for each child !!  It took a long time for my kids to lose their teeth.  My first 2 were in 2nd grade.  Madison lost his in a gummy worm eating contest,  That was fun fishing the tooth out of that one, ick .  MaryEsther lost hers this past year at school, she worked a long time to finally set it free.  Yesterday, Jackson, age 6, lost his first tooth.  He pulled it himself ( I don't do teeth ).  He was so proud to be the youngest one to lose teeth.  He woke up in the middle of the night to show me his money he found under his pillow.

  Will his childlike wonder drift away as he continues to loose teeth?  Have you ever really thought about that, the more baby teeth they lose the more grown up they become, in more ways than just teeth.  They began to question childhood beliefs, parents authority, and begin to research for himself how this world works. So this is a end of the first teeth lost for our family.  WE are growing and changing.  They are more independent.  It is a fun new phase to be in, challenging in different ways.  Before long we will be having new first's with driving, and dating, and college...I don't even want to go there !! 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sinecerely Fro Me to You

Here is a pic fo me at age 8.  I was in my favorite tap outfit from a recital.  I remember I loved the color.  But this was before these costumes had strecth to them. It also had a frilly collar that was quite scratchy.  I had a bustle that went on the back.  These costumes also had to be embellished by hand.  My poor child wouldn't have a hope if she had to have me embellish her stuff. Oh, and by the way I can still do the splits !! 80s 005

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jungle Gyms

Do you remember being a kid and playing on your swingset?  It was the foundation of all your outdoor play.  It became a ship, a train, or a circus theme.  We constantly used our imaginations while we played.  My brother always played cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians ( I know that is no longer correct, but that is what it was ).  I usually acted out some episode of a show.  I remember being wonder woman and the bionic woman.  I ran across the picture of a bunch of neighborhood kids playing on our jungle gym, that is what we called it.  Don't you love my maxi dress?  It was my favorite.   I wore it all the time.  My Mom is all dressed up in a pants suit.  I never look like that to check on my kids in the back yard.  Apparently red was a popular color during the 70's.  Only one kid doesn't have some shade of red on.  We also have a picnic table back there.  Funny thing is I have no recollection of ever using it.  I will have to consult my parents to see if we ever used it.80s 004

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Melting Pot


A Night to Remember


melting pot  My Husband and I had decided to have a romantic dinner and dine at the Melting Pot .  Neal is a very plain and picky eater.  He was such a good sport, but veggies and cheese are not his forte.   The atmosphere was very relaxing.  We didn't feel rushed to hurry and let someone have our table.  It was right up my alley, soft lighting, cozy seating, and small portions.  The highlight was most definitely the dessert course.  Oh my word !!  Heaven, melted chocolate and lots of goodies to dip.  Neal did seem to perk up for this course, He loves chocolate.  Much to my dismay, our meal was coming to an end ( at least that was what I thought).  WE got in the car and started home when the unthinkable happened.  He saw it, and the thought of it took him over.  He had to have it now !!  The man was still hungry. So after an incredible romantic dinner, my hubby needed to fill his gut with a Whooper from BK.  He said that that fondue didn't fill him up and he needed something with substance.  so if you are planning a nice romantic evening at a quaint restaurant and your man is a hearty eater, you may need to pre-feed him or you will be stopping by your local drive-thru for a late night burger.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I am not sure if I have done this pic before.  Make sure you enlarge it and check out the album covers.  Can you guess which one is me?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bird Dog

As you know (if you actually read my blog), that our pool liner was ruined by a storm in May.  it was being installed this weekend ( finally).  We received strict instructions not to let the dog get in the pool because the liner was not secure yet.  Not a problem, our dog HATES to swim.  When she accidentally has fallen in, she freaks out and gets out as quick as possible.  I went outside to prune our jungle of briers and roses and noticed a bird in the water, too wet to fly.  The water was rising and she was stuck.  Chi Chi , our dog, decided that the pursuit of the bird was more important than her dislike of water.  She walked into the pool to go after the bird.PB050001 I tried to distract Chi Chi while MaryEsther went to get my neighbor for assistance. It was very challenging.  She was so excited about the possibility of playing with this bird.PB050004  My neighbor got the net and proceeded to scoop the bird out.  Chi Chi was not so sure that the bird got away.  She kept trying to get back in the pool.PB050003  Here is a picture of Mr. Eddie, the Bird Hero and Jackson looking on.  The bird was drying out on the other side of the fence, safe from harms way.  Hopefully she will dry out soon and be able to fly. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Story Worth RE-Telling


Do you guys remember the story I told you about the wedding?  Where my little Jackson was in love with the bride, threatened the groom, cried after they got hitched, and offered to wait until they got a divorce....Well, these pictures came today.  They will give you some insight to the love story!! Now after you get through laughing at my scanning abilities, check out the way He is gushing at her.  He is way more attentive than the groom, here is the proof !!  The top picture was after the recessional.  We had just exited the church and Jackson fell apart, I am holding him offering a little comfort.caroline 004 caroline 003  Itcaroline 005  didn't take him long to find another girl.  She asked him to dance to cheer up.  Check out his hand placement.  Just like a man! A little dancing, a little punch, cake, and air guitar and he felt much better.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me To You

Here is a precious picture of my middle child, MaryEsther.  When we lived in Florida, we had annual Disney passes.  We so enjoyed seeing our little ones grow up with Pooh and friends.  Those were the days !!

piggy 001

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here is a picture that resembles the critter that Jackson rescued from my pool/pond. Daily he has been taking trips to the pool with his net.  He fished this out and placed it in his reptile carrier.  IF the salamander cold talk he would tell of great tales. Somehow it made it into my suburban where it traveled with me to do a personal training session.  My clients niece took him in his cage for a ride on the back of her tricycle.  I returned him to the suburban to go home and forgot all about him being there until this morning.  We were getting out of the suburban to go in to the gym and I was reaching for my back pack when I knocked over the cage, full of poopy salamander juice.  Now I must be immune from such travesty because it didn't even phase me that I was wearing salamander juice for body wash.  We took him inside to give him some more water.  The little guy then accompanied me in teaching my ab class.  There were several squeals and strange looks along the way. He seemed very interested in what was going on.  He has since been set free.  He is probably warning his fellow amphibian/reptile friends to stay far away from our house.