Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Back

I have had quite a few exciting days.  It all begin with a trip to my local BK for gut smut. After gymnastics I drove through with the two little ones for what was supposed to be a quick meal.  The order was simple 2 cheeseburger kids meals, ketchup only , one fry, one onion ring, and 2 sprites.  Attempting to be more health conscience I ordered the apple fries ( no, they are fresh apple slices ) they are so cute and come in a little fry container with Carmel sauce that looks like a ketchup pack ( way to go marketing dept).  We got home and ate our food, I had my apple dippers, and 3 bites of Jackson's cheeseburger, two onion rings and threw the rest in the trash.  I sat down at the computer and all of the sudden had a burning sensation in my mouth , followed by a swollen lounge covered in prickly blisters.  I calmly went to the medicine cabinet and there was NO BENEDRYL .  Very calmly I went to my neighbors house to get some.  by the time I returned home , I felt a tightening in my skin, then numbness.  I went to the mirror and much to my shock I looked something like this,hitch 

Instead of the massive eye swelling I had massive jaw swelling so I was a cross with the guy in Mask.  My husband was at scrimmage game with out oldest son.  So her I am with 2 children and a pretty serious allergic reaction going on.  I started making calls and took action.  I took the kids to Miss Shirley's house ( out stand in grandma ) .  She had arranged for another friend from church Miss Linda Kay to drive my to the ER.  Well Miss Linda is a priss, she said it took her a long time because she couldn't find her pocketbook and passed the street twice.  I think she was putting on makeup.  She looked beautiful .  Then there was me, trying not to choke on my own saliva that had no where to go in my mouth with all the swelling.  Fortunately the benedryl kicked in and I am her to write about this adventure.  Upon arriving to the Big people ER ( I had never been there), I was greeted by medical staff who obviously thought I was a frequent user of the ER.  They offered no help as to what to do, and where to go.  It was obvious that I was an alien in this foreign land.  Apparently allergic reactions are top priority so I only weighted about 20 minutes before getting in a room.  That was just a trick though.  It was like another hour before the doc came in.  They did put in an IV incase I started to die or something. My friend Amber came up to the hospital to play with me and relieve Miss Linda so she could get her beauty sleep.  Amber and I were pretty much the only normal people there so the nursed seemed to enjoy our company.  And 2 benedryl to me is probably like 4 drinks to someone else,  I was a little more playful than usually.  They don't know what caused the reaction since I had a variety of foods.  They gave me steroids, more benedryl and pepcid ( it apparently is an anti inflammatory too).  I am also a proud owner of an epi pen now. 

My poor husband wanted to come to the hospital, but he did what I wanted which was pick up my kids and get them in bed like normal.  I would have been stressed knowing they weren't at home in their bed all safe and sound.  So for now, no more BK for me.  I go to the allergist in a few weeks.  I will update you on the outcome.  If you have any guesses feel free to share them.


Christy said...

We know all about the world of allergies & epipens. Dean is allergic to peanuts, corn, & asprin. So we are alway watching food very closely. I wonder what kind of oil the onion rings were cooked in(maybe peanut oil). Apples shouldn't cause that, were there any seeds on the bun of the cheeseburger? I just think about nuts or seafood causing that kind of reaction. Could it be something besides food...were you around any pets or animals that were out of the ordinary? Did you take any asprin(Motrin) that day? Any way, let me know if you find out anything. This just happend to my neighbor too, but they could not find out what it was that caused it. Well I hope you do not have any more problems!!cdb

Danielle said...

Could it be the yellow #5 in the caramel sauce? I've heard of people being allergic to that!
Hope you are feeling better!

April said...

O.k. so I went on BK's website and the onoins rings are cooked on vegetable oil BUT it is the same oil they cook fish and chicken in. The apples are in a bag and have perservatives. It is really weird. The bun did have seseme seeds on it too. Such a mystery !!

Brandi said...

Glad you are better, what a scare. Good luck on fiding the problem, you are in my prayers

Misty said...

Girl! Where is your blogging spirit? I can't believe that in the midst of the blind spot, tingling, airway constriction and facial swelling that you didn't think to take pictures. You've really let us down. :-) Glad you're feeling better!

jennifer said...

Bless you heart! That is a scary story!

I know how it is to get in a pickle with little ones around - another story for another day.

The picture of Will Smith made me giggle!


Life on the farm... said...

I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing... and then I read Misty's Mrs. becca went to the emergency room last year, she was actually at one of the hospitals, she passed out and hit her head so they took her to the "emergency room"... she said to the Dr. (I was not there, she was with a friend) "hey when's somebody gonna look at my head.. stop taking blood from me and look at my head", she said he just looked at her and said ok you can go home now, and she's like but my head? Then they call us for our insurance info. wow!!!

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

Man, been there done that-but with ant bites. Very scary! Glad to hear you are ok. Can't believe you had to wait that long. Both times I had severe reactions I went to the local 24 hr clinic and they rushed me in and gave me epinephrine (spelling??) shots. I thought I was gonna bounce off the table!!!

Hope you never have to experience that again!!