Monday, October 20, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl


I am my daddy's little girl.  Still.  Which I think is great.  WE took this picture a couple of weeks ago while at a family gathering.   I have a lot of pictures with my Mom, but this is one of the only pictures I have taken recently with my Daddy. 

My Dad really spoiled my Mom and me.  When I became a young lady, if you know what I mean, my Dad was the one who would buy my supplies.  This was awkward as you can imagine but he would always include a little surprise of candy or gum. It was always in a brown bag folded down.

He also would write notes on cards and place them in my lunch ( My Mom did too).  That was really cute until he started speaking as if he was my bed and inquired why I never made it up, he was trying to sneak discipline in to my fun note, not cool,

He drove me to school most mornings ( he worked night shift and slept while we were in school) and put up with me and my bff blabbering over teenage girl stuff. 


When I was sick he would always buy me cherry ludens cough drops which tasted like candy and not cough drops, that was a major plus.

He never complained that I would chew all his Freedent green gum and I mean all, I think I lived off of gum and koolaid mixed with sugar.  I would eat it with a spoon.

He was nonconfrontational with me, which was a major plus, I don't like conflict, still don't.  I prefer to bury my head and not deal, just like Dad ( My Mom really loves this about us both bless her heart). 


My husband said that my Dad hung the moon and it is his job to hang the stars.  I am a lucky girl!!


Life on the farm... said...

Yes, you are a lucky girl! You missing your dad today?

Woman said...

that is such a sweet story

Brandi said...

that is so sweet... what a great relationship!

Debbie said...

I love that saying from your hubby. That line should be in a movie - one of those nice chick flicks I love to watch. Yes you are a very blessed girl!

Valarie said...

Awww :)

Luden cough drops, yeah, I got sent to the corner in pre-school for handing them out to other kids.

Koolaid and sugar, we used to mix it up and carry it in zip lock bags to school and trade it on the play ground.

jennifer said...

Aw! How wonderful for the both of you. I have an odd relationship with my father. I envy you a little.

Have a great week April.

jennifer said...

Missing you miss April. Are you all doing well?

Hope that y'all are having a great Christmas Season.