Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blessings !!

Storms may come and storms may go . I wonder just how many storms it takes until I finally see ,You're Here Always !!! Those are a few lines from an old Amy Grant song that I loved dearly. I beliveve it was the first non choir solo I did as a kid.

Recently we had several dangerous storms come through the Huntsville area. One particular storm left a tree on my roof, a hole in my roof, bedroom ceiling, and tore the liner to our pool. Fortunatley we were out of town when it hit.

We have never had to make a claim on our homeowners insurance before now. WE have been so blessed by everyone from our agent, adjuster, and all the contractors we are using. God has shown himself over and over. Neal and I marvel in his precision! God always takes care of us . I often say that I live under God's umbrella of protection. It is where I want to be. Safe in his "Arms of Love".

Oh yeah, I was blessed by my blog fairy who hooked me up with this awesome layout !!! Go visit her blog too ! Thanks Valerie !!


Valarie said...

Your quite welcome, but further thanks need to go to Kristen for finding the blog designer. :)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Oh man look at that gross water spot.