Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here we go again !!

Can you believe school is out? I think I am more excited than my kids. today they got to sign each others yearbooks. Watching them took me right back to my youth and I almost cried. Today our children live such a fast paced, technology driven life that they don't get to experience the simple pleasures of life that we are used to. I know I must sound like an elderly woman, but signing yearbooks is something that we actually can identify with. I enjoyed watching the song and dance children play while interacting with each other. It is so predictable, but yet so enjoyable. We choose a " character " that we identify with and watch as life is played out. Summer is one of the few times in our kids lives when they can slow down and be a kid. I want my children to experience all summer has to offer. Whether it is a well planned vacation, or spontaneous fun, I want them to enjoy simple pleasures. THis summer I am going to try to keep things simple , feeding ducks, skipping rocks, playing outside all day, and loving them more and more.