Sunday, January 4, 2009

hoe cakes

Ok a family tradition for my family(Wray) is breakfast suppers. We would often have hoe cakes, eggs, and link sausage for supper.

My favorite thing about the hoecake is that my father would make mine in a itty bitty iron skillet, kinda like a personal pan pizza size. Ofcourse, I couldn't eat the whole thing by self but it was for me.

My Mom is the biscuit maker and Dad, the hoecake maker. Neither of these things did I learn to make until recently. My oldest child was introduced to the hoecake when we went home for Thanksgiving. My Dad made my special hoecake and my brother snuck and stole it. How Rude !!! And he DID eat the whole thing.

Christmas morning my Dad made them again and I payed attention. One problem neither he or my Mom use recipes for these items. So I googled and found a recipe that I played with. Here is how it went.

You will need buttermilk, self rising flour, butter, and crisco. Cut up the cold butter and add to flour, mix and add buttermilk. Pour in greased skillet, cook either stove top and flip or in over. You can see they brown fast , Yummy!!! So good, kids love them, but they are very fattening.


Valarie Lea said...

Hmmm so like a biscuit in a iron skillet?

April said...

exactly, but buttery all over and a little sourdoughish because of the buttermilk.