Monday, January 5, 2009

What $30 a month can do

We have an addition to our family. He is four years old. His name is Rony. His lives in a thatched roof house with a dirt floor in Haiti.

He has recently been sponsored by my youngest son through New Missions organization. The money Jackson sends will allow Rony to go to school ( no public schools) and one hot meal a day. I tell you this not to brag on my son but to show you how you can change someones life with your generosity. The school he will go to will teach him 4 languages, but most importantly it will teach him that Jesus loves him .

Our friend Brent Gambrell is on the board of this amazing ministry and travels there numerous times throughout the year. He told Jackoson he would photograph and video him receiving care packages from him.

Jackson is so excited about his new brother he took his picture to church yesterday.

Maybe you should consider how you can change your world.

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Valarie Lea said...

That is so sweet, but Jackson is a sweetie pie. :)