Saturday, June 14, 2008

Down by the Creekbank

In an earlier post I talked about some of my summer goals. I am so excited !! Every summer I make some sort of goals for each member of the family, only to wake up one morning and it be the first day of school. This is proof that we were having some simple, free, fun. I was so not ready for this kind of fun. It was spontaneous, next time I will take a chair ( for me), bug spray, and a bug box. We saw lots for tadpoles, hermit crabs, and a snake.


jennifer said...

Did you know the last word of your post was "snake"? As in you saw one? And you still said that the day was fun?

Thought I would point that out to you. Everything about the day sounded like a lot of fun. Until Snake.

Be blessed.


Well Behaved Krissy said...

Oh looks li yall had so much fun!!

Misty said...

It's not easy being a mom to little boys. Who knew you would have to fight snakes, bugs, and hermit crabs! You're such a good mom!