Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My First MeMe

I am so green at all this stuff. Bear with me folks. I have been tagged (thanks Kristin) to do this Meme thing. I thought Meme was a person, not a survey. I have been asked to list 10 things that have changed about me in the last 15 years. I have Mommy brain and don't hardly remember life before kids but I will try.

1) I married a man of the cloth. As much as I terrorized all my youth ministers , it is only fitting that I married one.

2) I am a fitness/health nut. I used to live off of cookie dough and Icees. Now I just fantasize about them. Of course I do fall off the food wagon now and again.

3) I teach indoor cycling. Although I never learned how to ride a bike , I teach spin. How sad is that ? My kids love to brag about doing something that their Mom can't.

4) I am still close friends with my old girlfriends. Although we don't get to see each other much we stay in touch with technology.

5) I am a home body. We are so busy with 3 kids that I relish slow lazy days at home. I used to be so mad if I had nothing to do on a weekend, now I am so excited if that happens.

6) I am a stay at home who never stays home. I teach fitness classes and do personal training. I am so busy between that and the kids schedule that I am rarely at home. I think we should all start decorating our cars instead of our homes, that is where we spend the most time.

7) I love to cook. Although my family prefers fast food to real food and they have no culinary knowledge, I still persevere. It is so boring to cook the same thing every week.

8) I hate showers. I love baths. I think it is just laziness. But I love to lay in a warm bath. I know , I know, I am sitting in my own filth. I like my filth , it's mine !!

9) I do nothing with my hair, rarely wear make-up, and despise clothes with zippers. I am so used to a ponytail, lip gloss, and workout wear, that I am very plain. If I have real people clothes on and make-up my kids want to know where we are going.

10) I am a control freak. I need the remote. It makes me feel happy. So I go in my room and hold the remote. I do not like when people flip channels, I can flip , that doesn't bother me, but you can't flip.

Well that is it. Pretty boring huh ?



Somer said...

I hear you with the control freak thing with the remote! I am exactly the same way!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

No, its not boring its just... you. ;)

Good job doing your meme.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Where is your Fro Me to you?

jennifer said...

OK the spin but no biking thing made me laugh. Great First time Meme!