Saturday, July 19, 2008

Melting Pot


A Night to Remember


melting pot  My Husband and I had decided to have a romantic dinner and dine at the Melting Pot .  Neal is a very plain and picky eater.  He was such a good sport, but veggies and cheese are not his forte.   The atmosphere was very relaxing.  We didn't feel rushed to hurry and let someone have our table.  It was right up my alley, soft lighting, cozy seating, and small portions.  The highlight was most definitely the dessert course.  Oh my word !!  Heaven, melted chocolate and lots of goodies to dip.  Neal did seem to perk up for this course, He loves chocolate.  Much to my dismay, our meal was coming to an end ( at least that was what I thought).  WE got in the car and started home when the unthinkable happened.  He saw it, and the thought of it took him over.  He had to have it now !!  The man was still hungry. So after an incredible romantic dinner, my hubby needed to fill his gut with a Whooper from BK.  He said that that fondue didn't fill him up and he needed something with substance.  so if you are planning a nice romantic evening at a quaint restaurant and your man is a hearty eater, you may need to pre-feed him or you will be stopping by your local drive-thru for a late night burger.


Danielle said...

So, So , So- not the April "thing" to do! :)
Glad you had a nice dinner though! I have NEVER been there!

April said...

This was years ago, not recently. Ha ha, Someone was talking about the Melting Pot that opened in Destin and it brought back that memory.

Brandi said...

That is such a funny little story and yet sounds like my daily life! Chad is never full!

Maria said...

Hey there is going to be a fondue restaurant opening soon at Bridge Street! Walt won't go to PF Chang's, he certainly wouldn't go to fondue!

Lorie said...

I love the Melting Pot!
Great story!
I miss ya by the way!
Be blessed!

Life on the farm... said...

I could SO go for some Burger King my self or Sonic, ah well to bad for me ;)! We used to go to fancy dinners when you know who was in the army, they don't serve you to much, or it was cold by the time we were served, and we'd leave there hungry, and so go through the drive through. I'd say, I'm going to BK after this, cause you are making me set through this boring stuff, I'm getting me a Dr. pepper. whew!