Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here is a picture that resembles the critter that Jackson rescued from my pool/pond. Daily he has been taking trips to the pool with his net.  He fished this out and placed it in his reptile carrier.  IF the salamander cold talk he would tell of great tales. Somehow it made it into my suburban where it traveled with me to do a personal training session.  My clients niece took him in his cage for a ride on the back of her tricycle.  I returned him to the suburban to go home and forgot all about him being there until this morning.  We were getting out of the suburban to go in to the gym and I was reaching for my back pack when I knocked over the cage, full of poopy salamander juice.  Now I must be immune from such travesty because it didn't even phase me that I was wearing salamander juice for body wash.  We took him inside to give him some more water.  The little guy then accompanied me in teaching my ab class.  There were several squeals and strange looks along the way. He seemed very interested in what was going on.  He has since been set free.  He is probably warning his fellow amphibian/reptile friends to stay far away from our house.



Valarie said...

That is a blue tail lizard. :) Did you know if you grab him by the tail that it will fall off so that he can escape?

Misty said...

You can pretty much always count on the Duncan family for some type of reptile. Pretty funny that he hitched a ride to the gym!

Life on the farm... said...

I used to find... dried dead baby frogs in my washer.... from guess who? They would go in their pockets, and were forgotten about..:(

Well Behaved Krissy said...

oh yum... the salamandar juice just really sent me over the top hungry.

PS. If you love it so much you should just marry it (said in my best junior high voice). Seriously, I know you wanna try out LEASING one of those puppies to me.