Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Well, today I am turning 29 (again). Some of you might be like me, fighting the hands of time. Not only in the process of ageing but with my children. It seems like yesterday that I had little ones all over me who smelled like Johnson's Baby Lotion. Now they smell like well, you probably don't want to know.

I have really enjoyed my day thus far. My first B-day greeting was at 4:45 a.m. (thanks Cassie). I was meeting her for a workout at the gym. She wanted to be the first to wish me a Happy Birthday. She is very competitive and SHE WON!! She blessed with me with fun gifts too.

After returning from the gym, I was thrown into the role of super mom. I made the kids breakfast and lunches and got them dressed for school. MY husband Neal helped me too. He drove them to school while I entered phase 3 of the day (7:15 a.m.) I went to another gym and was blessed by gifts (Thanks Bobbie and Kim B) and Cards from many participants. I truly felt loved. You must understand, I've been prepping them for this day for over a week ! After a quick Wal-mart run, I was gifted with this blog sight from another friend (Thanks Valerie). While at her office my husband stopped in with beautiful Iris's for me ( my fav). WE then ate a wonderful high sodium, high msg meal of Chinese food ( Me , Val, and Bobbie) Bobbie did find out something very interesting today- her chinese astrological sign is a Cock !! We found that comical. That is it so far today. Ofcourse, I get to go get my precious cargo in a few minutes and start another phase of my exciting life (after a cup of coffee).


Valarie said...

I am so excited that you have your first post. You will be addicted to this before you know it. Then you will have something else to do to keep you busy. Like your not already.

April said...

Thanks girl, you know we are poster women for frazzled females !!