Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr. Billy

Today was a bitter sweet day. it was the birthday of my oldest child Madison. It was also the viewing of our sweet Mr. Billy. Have you ever had a hug so sweet and special from a big, gentle man? If you could bring the cutest, cuddliest teddy bear to life it would have been Mr. Billy. Not only was he very loving, He was very giving. He totally lived out the Great Commission. Although retired, he did not pew sit, he served and encouraged others too as well. He was a visionary. What is so awesome about Mr. Billy was that he didn't just have a vision, He took action to see the vision come to fruition. That is motivation for me as a Christian, to do, not sit, to Serve, not be served, to dream, and not be held back by limitations. He loved my family and He and Miss Shirley ( his precious wife) showed us love that is so special and undeserving. There are many life lessons one can learn from observing his life.

My little baby Madison turns 12 today. He is a very fun loving young man Everyone who knows him is drawn in by his contagious personality. He has a special quality that makes others feel comfortable around him. He is a gifted athlete and has a big heart. Although he is growing older, he is still our precious little boy. It seems like yesterday Neal and I had accidentally locked ourselves in the backseat of our car with him while trying to bring him home from the hospital. I guess we should be very thankful that he has survived having us for parents. We love you Madison!!

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Valarie said...

That was a very sweet tribute. We are all gonna miss him.