Friday, March 7, 2008

Workout of the Day !!

Today was so much fun at the gym. WE began out day with a half hour of ab exercises. This was quite interesting watching a fellow male trainer of mine suffer through abdominal cramping while trying to keep up. He was quite the trooper, along with new participants and my regulars yelling at me and calling me names. We followed that class with a 60 minute spin class which was fierce. We worked really hard and sweated ALOT !! I had to ride a jacked up bike with way too much tension, it was very challenging. We survived and will gather again Tuesday for a replay !!

Today's food for me has not been as clean as it needed to be. I had a protein bar for breakfast, turkey burger, no bun at home for lunch. Fat Free Popcorn for a snack, and a 100 calorie pack too !! See what I mean. Those little snacks can really screw up your plan. I need to eat more clean, make better choices. Today I was off the food wagon. Tomorrow is another day.

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Valarie said...

So are you saying you fell off the eating good wagon or you fell off the eating bad wagon. Because if that was falling off the eating good wagon, well I wont tell you what I just ate. :[