Friday, March 7, 2008

What if?

Thanks Valerie for helping me expand my horizons.

What if I could meet someone in the Art world to chat with , who would I choose?

I would choose Picasso. I would like to know his thoughts and feelings about his art works.

One wish for all mankind would be to find there DIVINE purpose in life and live it!

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Indonesia, to visit Paula and Wade.

If I could live in any other time period it would be the Civil War Era, of course I would want to be a Scarlett O'Hara.

If I could make over 3 areas of my body it would be thighs, hips, and knees !! Although I constantly work on these areas, they have a mind of their own!!

If I could be an animal for 24 hours I would want to be monkey. Not in captivity, but in the wild !!

IF I could bring someone to life for 24 hours it would be no one. I feel the pain of reintroducing them to their loved ones would be more than one should bare.

Hopefully you enjoyed this my friend!!

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Valarie said...

Good Job on the Tag!